necklace details

Cardigan: JCPenney (old); Tee: TJ Maxx (not online but fairly recent purchase); Shorts: H&M (old); Boots: Olsenboye for JCPenney (old); Boot cuffs & Necklace: Sira&Mara

Hello, everybody! I am so swamped with work between my regular job and my new TV gig, that getting to shoot and post these outfits is getting more and more challenging. So, I am pretty much going with the flow, and publishing whenever I can and forgetting about a schedule because I simply cannot manage to do that.

A few days ago, I wore this outfit, which is the perfect representation of December in Miami. It gets cool enough that you can grab a light sweater and a pair of boots and warm enough that you can still wear shorts. I added boot cuffs because I am obsessed with them this winter.

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Jacket: Target (old); Dress: JCPenney (old); Booties: Guess; Cuff: Sira&Mara


Happy Friday, everybody! I actually meant to post this a couple of days ago, but this week has been just incredibly busy!! I am sure that you all feel me with the holiday insanity right upon us. Anyway, I love this outfit, because it must be one of the most frugal ones that I’ve worn here so far. I got this awesome jacket at Target on clearance (last season) for $8 and the dress that I am wearing as a skirt was…get ready, $4 from JCPenney!! People continue to tell me that they cannot believe that I shop at JCP, and I continue to tell them that they are missing out big time! The booties were not on clearance, but they are still a great find for $29.99.  While I have not been able to find them online (I purchased them at TJ Maxx a few weeks back), I’ve linked a few similar/affordable options.

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Mid body details

Necklace close-up


Top: Choies; Skirt: Target (old); Booties: Target: (old); Necklace: Sira&Mara





DSC_0744 V2

Top and skirt: Luis Aponte; Shoes: Guess (not online but purchased recently at TJ Maxx); Necklace: Sira&Mara

A few shoe alternatives under $50:

There is nothing I like more than supporting my talented friends. Case in point: my friend, and Miami fashion designer, Luis Aponte. A graduate from the world renowned Miami International University of Art & Design, Luis Aponte’s fashion and design sense began at childhood. Post internships in New York, travels throughout Spain, France, Greece and Italy, Aponte eventually settled into the vibrant city of Miami where he has worked under several well-known designers, as well as several university design and sewing labs. Now, Luis is following his passion and has formed his own company and is launching his own line.

As somebody who created a company a little over two years ago, I commend my friend of following his passion and taking that huge leap of faith. I cannot wait to see where this new path leads him, but I am sure that BIG things are waiting for him. Remember this name :-)

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JCP jumpsuit

You may or may not know that I named myself the Queen of Bargains a long time ago. You also may or may not know that I have been having a love affair with JCPenney for a decade. Everybody around me seems to be against this love affair of mine, but my boy JC is so good to me, I cannot quit him :-) I recently found this jumpsuit and paid $30 for it! Yeah, exactly. JC is good to me like that. The jumpsuit was on sale for $38.99 and I used a $10 coupon (boy, how I miss not paying sales taxes!). You can get a 20% discount coupon right here . I love this look because it allows you to dress up while staying super comfy. Winning!

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Happy Monday, everybody! This is my FAVE week of the year (besides my birthday’s!). I love, love, love Thanksgiving. I love that there is holiday dedicated to giving thanks – which is something that I do every single morning when I open my eyes. On that note, today I am very grateful to have my friend Lori join me. Lori has been a customer of mine for as long as I can remember, and we have become dear friends (I am almost sure that we talk daily via Instagram!). She’s the perfect example of how Sira&Mara has been an absolute blessing. Lori is also the pretty face behind the lifestyle blog Jet Set Smart. I love how Lori makes being a mama on the go look so effortless, and she always looks so stylish while doing so. I adore this look. 1. She’s wearing joggers – which I am currently obsessed with – 2. She’s wearing an all-time Sira&Mara necklace fave (now sold out). To get all the details from Lori’s look, please visit her blog here.



Now, let’s talk about my outfit. These days are rare, but when I do it, I really, really DO it. Pattern mixing, that is. I am more into simple pieces and funky accessories, but sometimes I just feel like doing something totally out of the ordinary for me, and this is the result. I love this Forever 21 shirt. It is so soft and comfy. Those booties were on absolute repeat last season, and I believe that that will also be the case this season.

Are you going through a polka dots kick as the majority of the world has been for a while?

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Shirt and bag: Forever 21 (old); Pants: H&M (old); Booties: Target (old); Bracelet: Sira&Mara

I have linked TONS of similar & super affordable items below



mustard scarf

Scarf and Bracelets: Sira&Mara; Dress: JCPenney (old); Booties: Guess (not online but recent TJ Maxx purchase)

Hello, everybody! November is the busiest month of the year for me, so right now normal photo shoots are completely out of the question. Of course, that is exactly the time when you wear your fave outfits. Ha! Anyway, I’m wearing a scarf today, because I know that I’ll freeze to death if I don’t. I’m having back to back meetings and the AC in the majority of Miami buildings is just ridiculously high.

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