If you love this dress as much as I do, go to Mix Match Fashion for outfit details. Tara kindly invited me to guest post for her while she is on vacation, and I am thrilled! She’s one of my very fave fashion bloggers.

Happy Thursday!



PS – who is going to Lucky fabb? I look forward to meeting some of my fave bloggers there!




It is quite surprising to me that thrifting was not even on my radar up until very recently. Well, when it comes to fashion. I have bought tons of furniture that I’ve refinished and sold for several years now. One day, while browsing for furniture with my mom, she went to the clothes section and found this awesome Ann Taylor dress for $9! Right there and then, I became a believer.

One of the main goals of this blog is to provide ideas on how to wear affordable clothes looking fabulous while doing so. So even though you probably won’t be able to find this exact dress or shoes right now, I hope that the ideas that I’ll give you below will fit your budget or that you find similar items in your closet and you just didn’t think of putting them together like this.

Happy Wednesday!



DSC_0694DSC_0702DSC_0670 (2)Dress: Ann Taylor (thrifted; similar here and here); Shoes: Target (old; similar here); Bracelets: Sira&Mara


I know, I am very late to this party. You have probably seen multiple versions of these shoes EVERYWHERE by now. For a long time, I told myself that I did not want them and that, for sure, would not pay a lot of money for them. Then, I bumped into these pair and, at $33, I caved because I find that these is the kind of shoe that may not be trendy forever but I will always find appealing. Since I could not care less about whether or not a piece is trendy, I decided to go for them 🙂 As it often happens, I was feeling like wearing something comfy (hence the shorts and basic top) and something a little bit more fancy (hence the shoes and the necklace).

Happy Monday!



DSC_0501DSC_0491DSC_0531DSC_0508Top: Forever 21 (old; similar here and here); Shorts: Forever 21 (old; similar here and here); Shoes: Make me Chic; Necklace and Bracelets: Sira & Mara


Do you remember that time when all we wore when it came to jeans was the flare cut? Even though I love skinnies, the flare cut will forever be my fave. I rescued these old pair – which is about 10 years old – from Zara a few days ago, and it brought me back to my early twenties 😉 I paired it with this fun and colorful top that I got at Target and a pair of basic pumps. Happy Wednesday! xoxo Sandy PS – I remember when I was little I wanted to have curves like my mom. Well, be careful what you wish for… DSC_0473DSC_0546DSC_0532Top: Target; Jeans: Zara (old; similar here and here); Shoes: Mossimo for Target; Belt: Forever21 (old, similar here); Bracelets: Sira&Mara on major sale!


I bought this dress last year, and I completely forgot about it. A few days back, I was feeling like wearing something with flowers and – after shopping my closet – I could not have been happier to discover this little cutie. And speaking of happiness, I was so happy to snag these heels for only $25 at Make Me Chic. I could not LOVE them more!



DSC_0514DSC_0528 (3)DSC_0544DSC_0441Shades: Ray-ban; Dress: Target (old, similar and total steal here); Shoes: Make Me Chic; Belt: Forever 21; Necklace and Bracelets: Sira & Mara