Waist Trimmer - Post Partum

Hello, my darlings! Today, I am sharing a special post for my “Must-Have Monday”. Since this section is all about products I feel could be beneficial to my community, I wanted to share with you an awesome one I found a few weeks back. As some of you know, I had my first child three weeks ago. One of the things I was not expecting was being SUPER swollen right after my c-section. I mean, my shoes do not fit kind of swollen. It was not only very uncomfortable but also a bit embarrassing, I am not going to lie. My belly was also super swollen due to lots of fluid retention caused by the pain killers. After much reading about the topic, I learned that a waist trimmer could help my muscles go back to their pre-pregnancy place, so I started my search.

I bought this waist trimmer after reading the amazing reviews, and I could not be happier with the results. I noticed my belly going down after the first day of wearing it, and I am still using it 3 weeks after giving birth to my baby boy. One thing that I’d like to point out is that, while I am loving the results, this is not a miracle worker. I did not gain tons of weight during my pregnancy and I exercised 6 days a week up until 2 days before giving birth. So, I believe that what the waist trimmer has done for me is to help speed up my muscle memory.

Because I had a c-section, I also bought this special girdle that is more friendly when it comes to wearing tighter clothes. Also, it has a silicone patch that covers your incision, which provides lots of relief when the incision is itchy and/or painful.

I hope that you find these products helpful. Stay tuned, as I will be sharing more products that I am finding super helpful either to help with my recovery or to use with Lennox.

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Well, hello my darlings! This is my first blog post after becoming a mother three weeks ago! I did not have a plan as to how long I’d take a break, and 3 weeks have been enough for now. I say “for now” because life literally changes everyday now, so we will see what happens. I do not like to do posts so much in advance because I feel that then I miss the real connection with my community, so the blog will go side by side with what is going on in my life, and that’s the way I like it!I hope that you do too! Let’s get started with this week’s “Want this? Buy that!” post and all of its goodness!

Booties, booties, booties! Spring is almost here and the trend from last year is still going very strong. Perforated booties will be a staple in the next few months, and you want to get a great pair ASAP. The more expensive version is, well, expensive! So I found you two great options for prices that we all can afford. The $99 one is super similar to the expensive one and less than a third of the price even though it is also from a great brand. For those of you really wanted to save money, I found this other great pair which is almost identical to the expensive version and cost 1O TIMES LESS!

The long tee caught my eye this week because that is the only kind of clothing you want post-partum. At least, that is my case. While the splurge is not that expensive, I love that I was able to find a very similar version of it for only $12. If it wasn’t because it will be way too warm in Miami soon enough, I’d totally get it!

Summer will be here soon enough, and we will be seeing tons of straw handbags. The expensive version is too adorable but I could not see me spending $110 in a summer bag (but if you do, power to you! The bag is very pretty). I found a similar version for a fraction of the price and, in my opinion, a bit better because it is a bit more basic instead of super trendy, meaning it will be useable for more seasons than only this one.

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Happy Monday, my darlings!! I am slowly getting back to “normal” life after the birth of my baby Lennox. As normal as it is going to get with a newborn, that is. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve noticed that I have basically only posted about his since he was born on February 4th, but now I am ready to share some of my fave finds in between bottles, pumps, and obsessing over my delicious baby boy. Let’s get started!

If I did not live in Miami, I would buy this green motto jacket NOW. First, it is a great price. Second, it has great reviews. And, last but not least, the color is just to die for. I am all about the classic black one, but this is one of those times when spending some money on a trendy item is worth it because it is such a deal for such a unique color. No guilt involved!

I have been wanting motto leggins for a while now, and this pair has been all over social this season. The great news is that they are now 40% off and only $23! They also come in burgundy and black, and I want every single color available.

I know that spring may sound really far for those of you with cooler temps, but it is coming soon and the satchel bag I found is completely perfect to celebrate the arrival of nicer temps. I am pretty sure I will get that one as soon as I am done over buying outfits for Lennox.

And what about those velvet booties? They come in a bunch of different colors but I am particularly obsessed with the rust ones! So gorgeous! Make sure to grab a pair while you can, because now they are 33% off and under $60!

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maternity style - style pledge blog

Hello, my darlings! The Nugget will be here next week! So, this is my last maternity look – unless I decide to cook another nugget one day…we shall see! These last few days of pregnancy have been really HARD on my body, so I have been wearing nothing but super comfy clothes. These Envie de Fraise joggers have been a total staple during my pregnancy, and I highly recommend them. They can be dressed up or down, and they are super comfortable. (more…)


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Happy Wednesday, my darlings! Today, I wanted to share a super easy look to recreate for all those wanting to rock a #FabMamaStyle. It has been a bit cooler in Miami, which allows me to wear coats I love and that I really don’t get to wear often.

For an instant sophisticated look that is belly-friendly, find your fave dress, a great pair of boots, and a classic coat. There you go! To really make the look appear chic, add great accessories. My go-to accessory are sunglasses, and these aviators go with just about every look. Another way to add sophistication is wearing a floppy hat. (more…)


Happy Monday, my darlings! I have found some great gems that you may want to add to your closet as a total must-have piece this season. Let’s get started!




Happy Wednesday, my darlings! Another new section for Style Pledge to kick off the new year and my new life! While Style Pledge will always focus on affordable fashion, it is only normal for the blog to evolve as my life changes. I am about to become a mom for the first time, and this has really been a great opportunity to learn more about my style, what I really like to wear and even learning that my pregnancy style was much different that I would have anticipated. (more…)