Happy Monday, my darlings! Today is an exciting day because, after lots of thinking, Style Pledge will be bilingual. Spanish is my Native language but somehow I launched the blog in English while living in the Northeast of the U.S. and I focused on that. But as my social media presence grew, my community that spoke Spanish grew and this become a normal evolution for the blog.

Must-Have Mondays are going to focus on current trends, and this week I am focusing on the embroidery trend for this spring. I love embroidery because it makes pieces unique and fun. I also love that it can add just a little feminine touch to a piece or make it completely bold depending on the size, color and patterns of the embroidery.

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¡Feliz lunes, mis amores! Hoy es un día emocionante porque, después de mucho pensar, Style Pledge será bilingüe. El español es mi lengua materna, pero de alguna manera lancé el blog en inglés mientras vivía en el noreste de los Estados Unidos y me enfoqué en eso. Pero a medida que mi presencia en los medios sociales creció, mi comunidad que hablaba español tambié creció y esta se ha convertido en una evolución normal para el blog.

Esenciales de Lunes s se va a centrar en las tendencias actuales, y esta semana me estoy centrando en la tendencia del bordado para esta primavera. Me encanta el bordado porque hace que las piezas sean únicas y divertidas. También me encanta que se puede añadir un poco de toque femenino a una pieza o hacerla completamente llamativa dependiendo del tamaño, el color y los patrones del bordado.

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Navy T-Shirt Dress Style Pledge Blog

Happy Wednesday, my darlings! Spring is here! Which, in Miami, it does not mean exactly what it means to the majority of the country. The temps are awesome now – a bit more awesome than a few weeks back – and I am loving daily walks with Lennox. He actually enjoys them very much, as well, so I feel lucky that we get to connect doing an outdoor activity. (more…)



Happy Monday, my darlings! The first day of Spring is here (or that is what I hear in the U.S., because it has always been on the 21st where I come from), and it is the perfect time to find some great items to enjoy the warmer temps. I am sure that many of you are SUPER excited about that. Let’s talk about the items that I have found for you this week:

Lace Dress. I love this item for multiple reasons. First, THE PRICE! A lace dress for only $24 is a no-brainer when it comes to purchase a trendy item. You can wear it a few times and not feel guilty if you get tired of it quickly. But another reason why I love is that I doubt that you will actually get tired of it. It has such a great cut and a classic color, you will want to wear this dress over and over again. (more…)



Happy Monday, my darlings! Lennox is now one-month-old, and I beginning to resume my blogging activities slowly but surely. As you can imagine, it will take me some time to figure out a new schedule, but we will get there! It may be completely different, a little similar, or go back to normal. Who knows? That is the new “normal”; not really knowing what is going to happen from one second to the next, and I am cool with that. It is getting to be warmer in other places than Miami now, so I am beginning to gravitate towards spring items that I would like to share with you in hopes that you will find something that you love and need to have and you had not found yet 😉

Crossbody bag. I am sure that many of you already have one; but I am also sure that many of you have been on the hunt for simple, functional one that is also stylish. Look no more! This one is all of that and AFFORDABLE. It is only $39, and I find it the perfect size for running around doing errands or to go to brunch.

Bell-sleeve top. This trend started with sweaters during the winter and it will stay around during the spring. I love everything about the one I am sharing with you gals. Love that it is a wrap, love the soft color and love that it is only $16 – which is a perfect amount to spend on a trendy item that you may not want to wear a lot and/or for several seasons.

Open-toe booties. Booties are my favorite kind of shoe and open-toe ones need to make an appearance in my closet. And by that I mean more of them! I love the ones I found because the color goes pretty much with everything and I also love the perforated detail. Very 2017!

Retro sunglasses. Sunglasses are, by far, my favorite accessory. I cannot think of a day when I am not wearing them. It is so easy to look more put together just by adding them to your look (and effortless; no ironing required!). These retro ones are super chic looking and their design is timeless. Worth the “investment”, because I don’t generally spend more than $25 in sunglasses.

I hope that you found some great ideas here for your spring additions and, as always, thank you for stopping by!





Happy Wednesday, my darlings! On today’s “Fab Mama Style”, I am going to focus on a topic that came as a surprise to me after I had Lennox: “what do I wear now?”. I feel like we worry about what to wear during the pregnancy and think that right after it we will go back to our pre-pregnancy clothes. Or, at least, that is kind of what happened to me. In reality, I left the hospital super swollen and looking 5 months pregnant; hence, nothing to wear. My maternity clothes were too big and there was not a chance that I was going to fit in my pre-pregnancy clothes. I quickly discovered that a few basics would be necessary to make it through that transition. Here are the products I would definitely recommend to any new mama to have handy post-baby:

  1. A maxi dress. I literally lived in maxi-dresses for the first ten days post baby. They are super comfy, easy to wear and hide everything that you want to hide for the first few days/weeks.
  2. Stylish sweatpants. Let’s be honest; I was a hot mess the first couple of days after having Lennox. But, after that, the day comes when you want to start looking like a functional human but the energy to get all dressed up is not quite there yet. This is when stylish sweatpants come into play. Fantastic way to stay comfy and look chic and the same time. Look for a pair with fringe, lace on the sides or any other detail that will make them stand out.
  3. A basic tunic. This is probably up there with maxi dresses for me. If you find a great tunic, all you need is a pair of leggins and some great sneakers or sandals. Accessorize the look with a hat, great sunglasses and a trendy handbag and you are good to go.
  4. Booties. Wearing comfy shoes is definitely a necessity right after giving birth, but comfy does not always mean sneakers. Booties are a fantastic way to add a stylish touch to your look without compromising comfort.
  5. A flowy top. Get this in a basic color so you can use it all the time with different pants and skirts. Choose and off-the-shoulder one to direct attention to your shoulders and not to your still swollen belly.
  6. Boyfriend jeans. Another great essential to have handy. The oversize cut will help you stay comfy while creating a trendy look. Jeans are always a great idea! Go for a pair of distressed ones for an additional fierce touch.

I hope that you find this list hopeful and thank you for stopping by!




Happy Monday, my darlings!! I am slowly getting back to “normal” life after the birth of my baby Lennox. As normal as it is going to get with a newborn, that is. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve noticed that I have basically only posted about his since he was born on February 4th, but now I am ready to share some of my fave finds in between bottles, pumps, and obsessing over my delicious baby boy. Let’s get started!

If I did not live in Miami, I would buy this green motto jacket NOW. First, it is a great price. Second, it has great reviews. And, last but not least, the color is just to die for. I am all about the classic black one, but this is one of those times when spending some money on a trendy item is worth it because it is such a deal for such a unique color. No guilt involved!

I have been wanting motto leggins for a while now, and this pair has been all over social this season. The great news is that they are now 40% off and only $23! They also come in burgundy and black, and I want every single color available.

I know that spring may sound really far for those of you with cooler temps, but it is coming soon and the satchel bag I found is completely perfect to celebrate the arrival of nicer temps. I am pretty sure I will get that one as soon as I am done over buying outfits for Lennox.

And what about those velvet booties? They come in a bunch of different colors but I am particularly obsessed with the rust ones! So gorgeous! Make sure to grab a pair while you can, because now they are 33% off and under $60!

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Happy Wednesday, my darlings! Another new section for Style Pledge to kick off the new year and my new life! While Style Pledge will always focus on affordable fashion, it is only normal for the blog to evolve as my life changes. I am about to become a mom for the first time, and this has really been a great opportunity to learn more about my style, what I really like to wear and even learning that my pregnancy style was much different that I would have anticipated. (more…)