STYLEPLEDGE is here to help!

On these pages you will see ways to put together simple components to make an outfit that POPS!

No guilt. You’ll find simple, inexpensive items here – no budget busters.

Take our ideas, twist them around, and make them your own. Use a few pieces you see here to spice up your own style.

We’ve all had “that moment”… or at least feared “that moment.” You know the one. You spend a small fortune on some trendy shoes to perfectly complete a designer outfit for the big event. The night comes. You are soooo ready to impress. You arrive – and someone else is wearing the same outfit. Catastrophe. To add insult to injury, you see dollar signs dancing through your head as you wonder just how much money you spent to feel this embarrassed.

It is a strange balance we are encouraged to keep by the mainstream fashion mindset. We must be similar enough to each other to all be “in style” – yet, different enough to avoid the “Who Wore It Best” segment of our local Fashion Police.

STYLE is NOT blindly following trends. STYLE is NOT MAINSTREAM. STYLE is INDIVIDUAL.

Make your own STATEMENTS, make your own STYLE.

Use trends to spice up YOUR OWN STYLE.


Most of all, remember – FASHION should be FUN! Are you ready to take the pledge?


If you have any question/comment, do not hesitate to contact me via email at





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