Orange Dress by Victoria Beckham for Target

Shades: Nordstrom (old; very similar here); Dress: Target; Earrings: SugarfixGafas: Nordstrom (viejas; modelo super similar aqui); Vestido: Target; Pendientes: Sugarfix

Happy Monday, my darlings! I hope that you had a wonderful weekend. Today, I wanted to share the 5 most important things I have learned as a fashion blogger in hopes that they will help you if you are thinking about starting your own blog or you are struggling to stay motivated as a blogger.

  1. BLOGGING TAKES TIME. If you believe that fashion blogging only consist on taking pictures of you looking cute, you are up for a rude awakening. First, yes, you will have to take pictures (if you do personal style kind of posts; which are not strictly necessary as a fashion blogger); but that is only the beginning. People look at bloggers as a source of inspiration in regards to what to wear and, ultimately, what to buy. Because of this, you have to be aware of what trends are hottest each season and then find a way to share that information through good pictures and great timing. For example, my most successful posts are always the ones where I share some great items I have found at affordable prices. Often times, this means sharing a sale that just began. If the sale starts on Friday night, guess what? You will be working that night or really early Saturday morning because you want to be the first to share the sale with your community. Similarly, taking good pictures takes time when you are taking the picture and a significant amount of time in editing (my fave!). Lastly, you have to create content, and coming up with content that is relevant is not always super easy. You will find yourself sitting in front of the computer for ours trying to come up with a great subject to share.
  2. LOOKING LIKE EVERYONE ELSE IS NOT A MUST. I want to be very careful explaining this, because I have friends that are on this wagon and I do not believe that there is anything wrong with it. It just not for me and the kind of fashion blogging I want to share. About three years ago, a very popular platform was created and very popular bloggers joined. I am part of that platform even though I do not use it all the time and only when I feel that there is a benefit to associating a particular post with such platform. The main turn off for me is that a huge retailer is the main provider of merchandise for the most popular bloggers that are part of the platform, and you know what happens as a result? There are days where I am scrolling through my Instagram feed, and I have NO idea who is who because everybody is wearing the same thing! Call me crazy, but I truly hope that when you scroll through your feed – if you follow me – you always know who I am and do not have to look a couple of times (or at my handle) to know who I am. So, my two cents are, do YOU. Wear what you really love because, I can assure you, there will be lots of people that will identify with you and your style.
  3. BUILDING AN ENGAGED COMMUNITY IS MORE VALUABLE – LONG TERM – THAN GETTING TONS OF FOLLOWERS. I will confess, it took me a little while to understand this, but I know for sure that this is true. There are accounts that have a massive following of people who love to look into somebody’s life – nothing wrong with this – but that does not mean that they want to buy what they are wearing. I know this because I saw it when I had my accessories company and used to send products to bloggers. Believe it or not, my highest selling blogger was somebody with around 10K followers at the time. The blogger with the most followers I ever sent anything to had 500K followers. The girl with 10K followers generated 4 times the sales. Why? Because 10K girl had a small niche within fashion blogging and people lived and breathed what she shared. The other girl was more of a celebrity that people loved to look at but not necessarily purchase anything she was wearing. I feel the same way today being a blogger myself. My numbers are not massive, but I am very very proud of my community. Many of the people that follow me, have come with me on a very unique journey and I know they consider me their friend as much as I consider them mine. And when your friend tells you about a great skirt, you listen. If you want to be a fashion blogger, do not obsess with numbers and remember that those numbers are real people that deserve being treated as such.
  4. TREATING YOUR BLOG LIKE A BUSINESS IS THE WAY TO MONETIZE. Long gone are the days when people start a blog “to share their personal style”. Let’s be honest. Today, everyone and their mother knows that you can make a living blogging. But what you see about a particular blogger who is making a living with her blog is only a very small portion of the amount of work that person puts into the blog. Making money out of your blog means understanding that it is a business. If you are going to pursue brand collaborations (because it is unlikely that brands will come to you from the get-go), be professional. Write emails as if you were sending them from the desk of a Fortune 500 company regardless of the fact that you may be sending them in your PJs. Run every aspect of your blog as if you were being paid to do it because if you don’t, nobody will.
  5. COMPARING YOURSELF TO OTHERS WILL BRING YOU DOWN. I wanted to leave this one for last because I see this time and time again. Girls disappointed and tired because others are doing better. Looking at others to find the drive to succeed is one thing. But looking at others and allowing that to make you feel defeated is a completely different story. I cannot even tell you how many blogs I have seen getting started after mine and those girls become wildly successful. Do I care? Not at all! Why would I think any less of my work, that allows me to live a beautiful life because somebody else makes more money doing so? Out of respect for the time and effort I put into creating content, I refuse to compare myself to others. My journey is mine, and I feel privileged to have the chance to do something I love every day.

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