Happy Monday, my darlings! The first day of Spring is here (or that is what I hear in the U.S., because it has always been on the 21st where I come from), and it is the perfect time to find some great items to enjoy the warmer temps. I am sure that many of you are SUPER excited about that. Let’s talk about the items that I have found for you this week:

Lace Dress. I love this item for multiple reasons. First, THE PRICE! A lace dress for only $24 is a no-brainer when it comes to purchase a trendy item. You can wear it a few times and not feel guilty if you get tired of it quickly. But another reason why I love is that I doubt that you will actually get tired of it. It has such a great cut and a classic color, you will want to wear this dress over and over again.

Cat-eye sunglasses. I keep saying this, but sunglasses are the best accessory. Especially for us new mamas. I just ordered these to help my current sleep deprivation look. Even if you are not sleep deprived, you need these. They are only $12!

Casual White Bag. I love this bag! Love the color, love the laser cut, and love that it is affordable. This is the kind of bag that would add a stylish touch to a casual outfit while running errands or going out to brunch with your girlfriends.

Lace-Up Sandals. This is a trend that I thought would not last from last year, and I am happy to see it back. These pair is all sorts of fabulous…the animal print, the chunky heel, oh my! And the $22 price tag! These would look so great with distressed denim and a fun top or with a swing dress.

As always, I hope that you find some great items and thank you for stopping by!



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