Happy Wednesday, my darlings! On today’s “Fab Mama Style”, I am going to focus on a topic that came as a surprise to me after I had Lennox: “what do I wear now?”. I feel like we worry about what to wear during the pregnancy and think that right after it we will go back to our pre-pregnancy clothes. Or, at least, that is kind of what happened to me. In reality, I left the hospital super swollen and looking 5 months pregnant; hence, nothing to wear. My maternity clothes were too big and there was not a chance that I was going to fit in my pre-pregnancy clothes. I quickly discovered that a few basics would be necessary to make it through that transition. Here are the products I would definitely recommend to any new mama to have handy post-baby:

  1. A maxi dress. I literally lived in maxi-dresses for the first ten days post baby. They are super comfy, easy to wear and hide everything that you want to hide for the first few days/weeks.
  2. Stylish sweatpants. Let’s be honest; I was a hot mess the first couple of days after having Lennox. But, after that, the day comes when you want to start looking like a functional human but the energy to get all dressed up is not quite there yet. This is when stylish sweatpants come into play. Fantastic way to stay comfy and look chic and the same time. Look for a pair with fringe, lace on the sides or any other detail that will make them stand out.
  3. A basic tunic. This is probably up there with maxi dresses for me. If you find a great tunic, all you need is a pair of leggins and some great sneakers or sandals. Accessorize the look with a hat, great sunglasses and a trendy handbag and you are good to go.
  4. Booties. Wearing comfy shoes is definitely a necessity right after giving birth, but comfy does not always mean sneakers. Booties are a fantastic way to add a stylish touch to your look without compromising comfort.
  5. A flowy top. Get this in a basic color so you can use it all the time with different pants and skirts. Choose and off-the-shoulder one to direct attention to your shoulders and not to your still swollen belly.
  6. Boyfriend jeans. Another great essential to have handy. The oversize cut will help you stay comfy while creating a trendy look. Jeans are always a great idea! Go for a pair of distressed ones for an additional fierce touch.

I hope that you find this list hopeful and thank you for stopping by!



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