Happy New Year, my darlings! I hope that you all had a wonderful beginning of the year. I took a few days off (I think it ended up only being two, but it felt so good that it kind of feels that it was a longer time), and now I am ready to share some great new content with you all. You guys seem to love the items I find while looking for pieces for my personal shopping customers, so I decided to create this new section called “Must-Have Mondays” which will include items that I see either on sale or that are staples that you would love to have in your closet this season (or, even better, both!). While I started with women fashion, I will also share my baby finds, as that is a lot of the shopping that I have been doing lately in preparation for his approaching arrival.

Also, Nordstrom is having an awesome sale, so here are my fave items from it.

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