Happy Friday, my darlings! Hope you had an awesome week! How are we only a week away from Christmas? I know you hear it everywhere but, man, isn’t December flying by. I am so tired lately and oh-so-ready for a babymoon we’ve been planning. Hopefully, it will happen in the next few days. Fingers crossed!Now let’s focus on the shopping, shall we? This week, I wanted to find you options for your NYE looks and found these three alternatives to some of the hot pieces I’ve seen around social this week.

Furry jackets have made a strong come back this winter, and I do love them in gray. The top option is a pretty good price, and it is from TopShop, which is a brand I really like. I am even happier that I found you a super affordable alternative. Even though I love the TopShop jacket, it is unknown whether or not gray faux fur jackets will be on trend next year, so if you want to buy guilt free, I recommend going with the affordable option.

Lace up pumps are all sorts of delicious, aren’t they? I’ll be sad to see this trend go, and I am also kind of ready to not see so much everywhere…I know…crazy! The top option has been a popular piece lately with street style bloggers but, even though I see why, I find it very pricey for a pair of pumps. If at least was a good pair of staple boots. But $500 is more than I would consider spending in a pair of pumps. That is why I found you an almost identical version for a fraction of the price. 

Lastly, who does not love lace dresses and particularly around the holidays? The top option is actually a great price and comes in multiple colors. I believe that having this dress in black would be a great idea for holiday parties to come! If you still want to save some money, the alternative I found you is a total steal! I mean, a lace dress for less than $25 is what dreams are made of.

That is it for this week, my darlings! Thanks for stopping by!



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