Happy Friday, my darlings! I hope that your week has been great. I have been working a bit more on my nugget’s nursery, so I feel pretty accomplished 😉Now, let’s talk about this post. The splurge items have been all over social this week, and I knew I had to find you affordable version of them so you can rock the latest fashion without breaking the bank.I saw several Instagram posts featuring leopard booties a few days back and thought that they were so fierce, so I had to find a more affordable option for you gals. The white Gucci bag is all over, but I honestly would never pay that much for a bag, so if you are like me and have been looking for a more affordable quilted white bag, this one is pretty awesome.

It is definitely sweater weather for many of you, and I saw this ruffle sleeves adorable one a few days ago and loved it! It is $229! If you ask me, way-too-much for a sweater specially such a trendy one. This other option looks almost identical and it only costs $25!! #steal

I want to thank you so much for your support to this section. We got over 80K unique Instagram visitors last week and I hope that we keep growing together! Love that you gals love this post as much as I love working on it for you!

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