Happy Friday, my darlings! First, let me THANK YOU so much for making last week’s “Want This? Buy That!” my most visited Instagram post ever with 83.7K unique visitors! WOW! I love working of these post, so I am very happy that they are resonating with you, my lovely fashion loving community. Today, I am featuring some items that I have seen on social media lately that I believe you all would love. 1st, those gorgeous Marc Fisher OTK boots. They are currently 25% off, so they are not super expensive, but still over $200. I found these other pair for less than half the price and are almost identical. A much better deal, if you ask me!

I have also been obsessed with the Celine bag for a very long time, and it seems to be a staple among popular bloggers lately, so I knew that I had to find you all a more affordable option. $3,200 is a lot of money, and the one I found you for a bit over $300 is a much better investment in my opinion. Not only is way more affordable, but it also is a great brand, so it will last a long time.

Lastly, skinny jeans! What can I say? One can never have enough, right? I really like the ones that are not affordable and they have great reviews. But paying over $100 for jeans is way more than what I like to spend, and these other pair from TopShop also looks super flattering and will give you the exact same look.

I hope that you enjoyed the post and, as always, thanks for stopping by! Happy weekend!



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