Happy Wednesday, my darlings! As you know, I am pregnant and I love sharing practical ways of styling your bumps because I am learning that it can get a little tricky. New mama Jillian Harris is a fave of mine when it comes to style, and her pregnancy was no exception. Let’s be honest, you get to a point in your pregnancy when all you want to wear is dresses. Your walking pattern is different, your belly gets lower, etc, etc…so dresses are just way comfier than any other option. I only own a pair of maternity pants, and I am pretty sure there will not be many added to my collection, if at all. Now that temps are cooler for many of you gals, wearing your dresses with a cool denim jacket and cute booties is a perfect combination to create an effortless look that also looks cool and trendy. Add a great bag or, like Jillian, a pattern clutch and you are ready to go looking awesome and feeling comfy.

I hope that you all are enjoying this pregnancy style posts with me and that you find them helpful. As always, thank you for stopping by!




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