Happy Wednesday, my darlings! As my pregnancy progresses, it is becoming harder and harder to keep a set schedule for these posts. I try really hard not to work as many hours as I used to – because I really do get tired more easily – and something’s gotta give! I feel that the best that I can do for my family and this baby is being more flexible for myself. Still work hard on bringing you content I know you love, but not stress so much about when that content comes around. I hope that you understand and thank you for coming back to see what I’m up to. As you know, I love doing this section. I feel that this is what I am really good at: creating looks that are awesome without breaking the bank. Recreating a recent look worn by a celebrity just makes it even more special because I know that many of us look at them for fashion inspiration. Kendall Jenner is one of my favorites because she almost never looks overdone (unlike some of her sisters; not criticizing, just not my thing) and her looks always look fierce and effortless at the same time.

If you look at the one I recreated, it look simple on the surface, but it has several details that make it a great look. Kendall is wearing a simple wool coat and basic white top. The rest of the look is anything but basic. Adding the faux leather leggins immediately make the look edgier. The ones I found you to recreate the look are what dreams are made and only $35! Kendall’s booties are perfect for an on-the-go look and I found these similar pair for only $50. Perfect way to look stylish and comfy at the same time. Handbags and sunglasses (along with hats) are my favorite way elevating a simple look without compromising comfort. Kendall’s black&white bag is super cute, and so is the one I found you to recreate the look for only $45. Sunglasses are a total must for me, and these pair I found you similar to Kendall’s is super versatile and only $24.

This is the kind of look that I look forward to recreating if we ever get a bit of chilly weather here in Miami.

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