bras-steal-vs-splurge-v2Happy Wednesday, my darlings! Today, instead of doing my usual Celebrity Look for Less Wednesday post, I decided to address the MASSIVE interest created by one of my latest segments for Despierta America during which I shared my best tips regarding how to use the right bra depending on what you are wearing or depending on your physical needs/wants. I received TONS of follow-up questions after the segment and thought that it would be great to put a post together sharing not only the tips here, but also where I found the bras you saw during the segment as well as several other options with different price ranges so anybody can take advantage of my tips.

Let’s get started! The first thing I’d like to address is the shopping part. For affordable bras make sure to check out Target, JCPenney, and Amazon (yes, not many people do this and it is a great option with thousands of choices!). Do not be afraid of an affordable price tag. I have bought wonderful affordable bras at Target that I use constantly. With that being said, I believe that we all should have a couple of bras that are higher quality if only for durability purposes. My go-to when looking for high quality bras is Nordstrom. The choices are endless and, as you know, Nordstrom offers free shipping both ways, so the shopping experience could not be easier if you choose to go down that route.

Now, let’s talk styles. Starting from the left column, the first option is a bralette style. This is the kind of style that you need to get when you are not really sure about your cup size (they generally fit a cup A to a cup C) and/or when you just want a bit of support and lots of comfort.

The second style is a full-coverage bra. Like its name indicate, this bra offers full support and is usually recommended for women with larger breast. However, this bra also has another great function. If you cannot stand those little rolls that show through the back of your clothes due to a certain kind of bra, a full-coverage bra generally offers wider support in the back and can help soften that look and even hide any extra fat we may have back there! The “splurge” option was feature on my Despierta America segment and EVERYBODY wanted to know where it was from. It is from Nordstrom and for $55, it is so worth it!

The third style I talked about was the strapless bra. Why do we need one of those? Unlike what you may believe, this bra is not only for those of us who love strapless clothing. They are also great for multiple other necklines, as they usually come with adjustable straps that can be worn so many different ways. If you do not have one and do not want to spend a lot trying one, give this one a try for only $16.99.

Lastly, and contrary to the full-coverage one, if you need a little bit of volume and high added to your breast, you need a push-up bra. Years ago, push-up bras were kind of pricey, but today you can get wonderful ones for as low as $13!

I hope that you enjoyed this post and that you found some great info and pieces to look as wonderful underneath your clothes as outside of them.

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