The very 1st celebrity to make a second appearance on Style Pledge is Alessandra Ambrosio and I am sure that you know why. I already featured this look for less from her a while back, and I had to recreate this one. She is SO effortlessly chic, which is absolutely important to me when choosing looks to recreate. I like recreating looks like you all would actually wear, and this one is so on point.

Am I the only one that had a skirt just like that like 20 years ago? I guess I just aged myself incredibly 🙂 Fashion, as my mom says, is cyclical and this is a great example. Buttoned suede skirts are all the rage right now, and I found you this one that is super affordable. If you did not keep one before, make sure to hold onto this one. They will continue to come back! What I am not sure will last very long are lace-up flats, so that is why I would recommend not to spend a lot of money on those. The ones I found you are only $25! I am sure that you have seen similar handbags everywhere, as a look alike for the Chloe one. Since we don’t all feel like spending that kind of money on a bag, these $25 is just perfect to get a similar look.

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