One of the biggest challenges I face when styling my clients with pieces that they already have is finding out that they do not have the basics. So, quiet often, we find ourselves running around trying to find pieces that are missing to put the look together. In order to prevent this from keep happening, I created a guide for my clients of basic shoes for the spring/summer season that go with everything. Versatility is a must when it comes to shopping and not breaking the bank. To have ALL you need to be able to put a look together beautifully, you need a pair of pumps and sandals in BLACK, NUDE, RED, SILVER and GOLD.

Needless to say, a nice pair of black pumps is absolutely necessary and you’ll use it very much. Buy a nice pair, like the one above. Similarly, a pair of black strap sandals is super versatile and can be used to dress up or to give a little edge to a more casual look including distressed jeans or shorts.

Metallic shoes are a basic in my book because, often times, they can be used as a neutral and also add enough of a color that can also be used to complement multiple colors. I am in love with the gold pumps, and they are only $30!! I also love the detail on the gold sandals. These are a little pricier than what I normally recommend ($60) but they can be worn so often and they are very nicely made, so they are worth the little investment. The silver pumps are so fabulous and only $15!!! Need I say more? My favorite color to mix silver shoes with is navy and royal blue. Try it if you have not yet! The silver strap sandal is only $30 and it is another super versatile shoe. Dress it up or down and you will definitely stand out thanks to the very cute design.

Let’s talk about nude shoes. I am always SHOCKED to go into a closet and not find a good pair of nude pumps. If you don’t own a pair, you need to change that ASAP! These is the color that will save you every-single-time! Because of that, I also chose a pair that it’s not super cheap (they are only $44, though!), because you will wear them non-stop once you start playing with them. I own so many shoes from this brand, so buy without hesitation. They are wonderful!

I want to close with red because 1. they are super trendy right now and, 2. they make any outfit look immediately fabulous. I love wearing red pumps with skinny jeans and the pair I found you may need to find its way to my closet very very soon! The red sandals I included are not so basic, but I decided that they needed to make the list because they are all the rage right now and only $30!!

I hope that you found many wonderful ideas to up your shoe game. Thanks for stopping by. Happy Weekend!



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