Shirt: JCPenney (old); Skirt: Target (old); Shoes: Target (old); Cuff: Sira&Mara (on super sale today!)

Happy Valentine’s week, everybody!! As you know, the motto for my company is “Break the Rules and Not the Bank” and this is not random. I am a rule breaker by birth. The minute I see the masses going in one direction, I immediately turn around. It’s absolutely unplanned. It happens naturally. As such, any day when people tend to act similarly is not really my cup of tea. Valentine’s Day is no exception. Don’t get me wrong. I am a lover and I love to celebrate life in general. But I cannot do the cliche red/pink outfit for the life of me.

Today’s look is my personal spin on how to look cute for a special date (like Valentine’s) adding romantic touches but still having your own personality. You cannot tell really well from the pics, but this is ruffled shirt. Ruffles add a romantic/classy look immediately. I am kind of a skirt/dress girl when it comes to special days, but I added a fun print to avoid making the outfit too boring or too formal. The sassy cuff adds a fun touch to the romantic look.

Even though the shirt, skirt, and shoes are old, I hope that you like the options that I found for you for a different Valentine’s Day look.

Thank you for stopping by!