Detail - facetuned

Top and skirt: JCPenney (old; see options below); Shoes: Primark (no available in the US; see options below); Bracelets: Sira&Mara


I often see Instagram pictures of women planning their outfits. While I love  many of them, outfit planning (unless for a special event such as wedding) is something that I cannot do. I, in general, am not a planner. I do not loike predictability. I do not like knowing what is going to happen. So, I think that is why I refuse to plan my outfits. As a result, funky mixes like these two pieces of clothing occur 🙂 I love both the top and the skirt and I just felt like wearing them the same day. That’s my 5 seconds planning!


  1. I am not a planner either but to save me the risk of being late in the morning, I do plan my outfit the night before right before I go to bed. I think about how my day at the office if need to be in suit or not and take it from there.

    I love this unexpected pairing!


    P.S. Hope to see you tomorrow for TBT Fashion link up.