After a few months of blogging, I have learned that what the people who visit Style Pledge or follow me on Instagram truly enjoy is my love for putting affordable outfits together. That is my fashion premise. I love that there is a tribe out there who also loves this premise. I love that I am not alone when I feel that social media drives some people a little cray cray when it comes to “Keep up with the hottest blogger around” (that is precisely why my very favorite bloggers, in spite of their success, continue to wear realistic fashion). I either live in a very strange place, or your average Jane cannot afford $800 bags. Most importantly, my average Jane knows where to find a bag that LOOKS like it could cost $800 😉 In an effort to help each other out nurture our love for looking fabulous on a budget, I’m going to change things a bit around here. From now on, I will not only share with you where I got my outfit, but I will also try to show you a few VERY affordable options to build your own Style Pledge inspired look. As you know – and as I mentioned in my “About” section, my goal is not to send you straight to the store (even though it is great to do so every now and then; this meaning weekly visits to thrift stores and super affordable fast-fashion stores in my case) but to show you that one of the greatest stores to ever exist is YOUR CLOSET. Shall we?



Retouched details

Blazer: Kohl’s – old; Dress: JCPenney – old; Shoes: Sole Society – old; Bracelet: Sira&Mara

Get the the look for $120

A few other affordable options



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    • Thanks so much, Alice! I fully agree with you. Honestly, there is absolutely no need to stress about how much you’ve spend on a clothing item. Not for me, at least. xoxo